Pressure measurement equipment

Pressure measurement

In this selection of products we have brought together different types of pressure measurement equipment which you can use to display and monitor the fluid pressure in your applications.
The products in this range are mainly used in machine building, maintenance, energy production as well as testing and process controls, however they can also be used for other applications.

In this selection we propose a large variety of pressure measuring equipment which can be used to measure relative or differential pressure including:
- dial pressure gauges
- electronic pressure gauges
- pressure transmitters
- pressure switches
- accessories for pressure gauge assembly

You can use the products in this range with all types of liquid and gaseous fluids as well as steam vapour. We have 2 categories of pressure measurement equipment to cover the types of fluid that you transport in your processes:
> instruments for use with gaseous substances and non-viscous liquids
> instruments with diaphragm separators for use with viscous, aggressive and crystallising liquids.

At Béné Inox, we also stock fully stainless steel pressure gauges which meet the demands and requirements of applications which involve aggressive environments or corrosive liquids. A number of our pressure gauges comply with the EN 837 threaded connection standard.
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We have developed a number of decision-making questionnaires to help you find the pressure gauge or pressure transmitter which is best suited to your applications:
>> Questionnaire for choosing pressure gauges
>> Questionnaire for choosing pressure transmitters

If you need help choosing the pressure measurement equipment which is best adapted to your applications do not hesitate to contact our experts
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