Series 55 - Quick coupling

Series 55 - Quick coupling

The quick coupling has a great advantage :
The assembling and the disassembling the couplings are very simple sometimes no tool is needed.
These quick connectors are mostly dedicated to processes which are often manipulated and need to be frequently manipulated.

Usually used to transport water or grease for instance, the set of quick coupling is broad and offers miscellaneous accessories allowing the assembly and a good usage of the quick coupling
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Béné Inox's questionnaire-pdf questionnaire is available to help you selecting the most appopriate hosepipe to your processes.

Cam locking couplings
Cam locking couplings can bear a temperature between -20°C and +65°C at normal usage.
Offered in Stainless steel 316 and aluminium (for some models), camlock coupling are mostly used in chemical industies, petrochemical, emptying, water treatment.

GUILLEMIN symmetrical couplings
They are commonly called firemen fittings, Guillemin couplings must have at least one oh its tip to have a lock.
Offered in stainless steel 316 and aluminum (for some models). These couplings are mostly used in chemical industies, petrochemical, emptying, food-processing transport and firefighting.

Express couplings
These couplings are appropriate for low pressing water networks or compressed air networks civil works, these couplings are respecting the norm NF E29-573 and can bear a temperature between -20°C and +65°C at normal usage.

TW tank truck couplings
TW tank truck couplings are mainly used for liquid, solid, and gas transportation. They are also commonly used on tankers.

Euro rapid spherical couplings
Appropriate to rough manipulations, Euro Rapid spherical couplings are used in fields such as wine producting and civil works
Toughness and connectivity is ensured by the hook weld to the female part.
Offered in stainless steel 304 .

Bauer spherical couplings
Appropirate to rough manipulation, agriculture, industry, civil work or water transportation. A sphere and a lever closure ring (2 hooks) on the male part ensure the connectivity and the toughness during the assembly.
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