Series 54 - unions with compression ring

Series 54 - unions with compression ring

Cutting ring fittings has many advantages :
The easy and simple assembly avoid welding, they allow quick sealing and are appropriate to high-pressure environments.
Cutting ring fittings are recommended on small pipe diameters assembly.
(Offered from ø 4 for single cutting ring fittings et double ring unions).

Cutting rings must be assembled on weldless pipes D3/T3 tolerated for sealing and longevity purposes.
They allow transporting gas, HP hydraulic oil, compressed air...

To make easy the assembly of ring fittings, please make sure to lubricate the threadings before assembling and to use an adaptor for manual pre-assembly.

Please visit also our assembly instructions :
- Assembly instructions on simple cutting ring fittings
- Assembly instructions on double cutting ring unions
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