Ferrule compression fittings (Range 54)

Ferrule compression fittings - Range 54

Ferrule compression fittings have a number of advantages:
They are simple and easy to install without requiring any welding. They allow you to quickly seal a connection and are adapted to use in high pressure environments.
Ferrule compression fittings are recommended if you need to assemble very small diameter pipes.
(We propose these compression fittings from ø4 for \v HYPERLINK "https://www.bene-inox.com/gb/visserie-raccord-robinetterie-tuyauterie-inox/raccords-robinetterie-inox/indus_i/serie-54_i/fami-541_i/" \v0 single ferrule compression fittings and double ferrule compression fittings

Ferrule compression fittings must be assembled onto seamless pipes with D4/T4 tolerance
to make sure that they seal correctly and have a long-life span.
They can be used on pipes that transports gas, hydraulic oils HP or compressed air, for example.

It is important that you grease their threads before you assemble them and that you use a preswaging tool
to easily assemble these ferrule compression fittings onto your installations.

Please also read our assembly instructions :
- Single ferrule compression fitting assembly instructions

- Double ferrule compression fitting assembly instructions

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