Fluid level measurement

Level measurement

Discover our level measurement range which includes instruments that are designed to manage, monitor and ensure the safety of liquid levels in reservoirs and tanks. The products in this range are often used to control liquid filling levels, process start up and stopping, filling stopping and regulation.

We propose 3 types of level measurement equipment to meet the needs of different applications:
> Suspended float switches:
- In this category we propose suspended float switches which can be assembled from the top of a tank/reservoir: these include the pear-shaped suspended float switch and the suspended float switch .
- For use in more aggressive chemical applications, which require assembly across a reservoir or a tank, you can opt for our stainless steel electrical float switches .

> High frequency level detector switches : these are mainly used to detect different liquid states (for example to differentiate between the liquid and frothy states of beer). This type of switch is assembled across a tank wall.

> Ultrasonic level sensor : this equipment can be installed on the upper part of a tank. It makes it possible to measure the level of a range of fluids in a continuous way without the sensor having to be in direct contact with the fluid.
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Please consult our questionnaire for choosing level measurement equipment to find the equipment that is best suited to your process.

Our experts are also available to help you to define the level measuring instruments that are most adapted to your applications, so please contact us here
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