Connectors and accessories for MACON tanks

Macon - Range 64

In our MACON range we have grouped together all of our stainless steel connectors which are suitable for use in the wine-making industry.
This range is made up of piping elements as well as tank accessories.

Our selection of MACON products have an internal surface roughness which is lower than 0.8µm and they all comply with CE 1935/2004 regulations.

They are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel in dimensions ranging from DN40 to DN100.

You can find our different stainless steel MACON products in this category :
> MACON fittings/connectors

> MACON piping accessories

> MACON butterfly valves

> MACON ball valves

> MACON valve accessories

Please contact our experts for help selecting the MACON products which are suitable for your food and beverage industry applications.

You can also consult our wine-making tank equipment guide
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