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We are Béné Inox , your industrial fluid processes partner. We help professionals like you to design, maintain and optimize stainless steel networks.
Our products include : fittings/connectors , couplings , valves, piping accessories, pipes, piping supports, measuring equipment, instruments, screws, bolts and nuts.
Béné Inox's products can be used in many industrial fields. We sell a wide range of part numbers which comply with ISO, ANSI, SMS, DIN, CLAMP, MACON and ASME BPE standards.
From standard to tailor-made products, Béné Inox has been adapting to meet your requirements for over 50 years.

Find out more about Béné Inox 's product range :
Stainless steel fittings/connectors and piping accessories
- Fittings and crimp tubes - Manual and motorised valves -
Stainless steel fittings/connectors, piping accessories and valves for the food and beverage industry
- Piping supports and pipe holders - Measuring equipment and instruments - Stainless steel screws, bolts and nuts
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