Stainless steel threaded pipe accessories: stainless steel elbows, NPT adaptors and tapered end parts

Accessories for threaded piping - Range 52

In this range we propose threaded pipe accessories as well as a large number of grooved fittings/connectors and accessories for hoses/flexible piping.
These fittings/connectors allow you to pass from a fixed network to a flexible network.

Our stainless steel threaded connectors are available with BSP taper threading , BSP straight threading or even NPT threading .

You can find a large number of accessories in this range which comply with ISO 7-1, ISO 4144 or ISO 228-1 standards:
- Stainless steel elbows
- NPT adaptor

- Grooved piping accessories

- Tapered end parts and even stainless steel reducers.
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