For who this website is directed ?

This website is directed to companies.

When and how can I contact you ?

Béné Inox is open from Monday to Friday
From 8 a.m to 6 p.m (GMT+2) including over lunch.

You can contact us :

By phone : +33 (0)4 78 90 48 22
By fax : +33 (0)4 78 90 69 59
By our form of Information request

Béné Inox
11, chemin de la Pierre Blanche

How to open an account at Béné Inox ?

Please download the intended form and return it filled up.
Béné Inox Account opening request

How can I ask for a quotation ?

1.     Please find the products you are interested in with the search bar, the products classification from the front page or the product tab.
2.     Go on the specification sheet of the concerned product.
3.     With the help of the chart, please find the exact reference of your product
4.     Please precise on the first column the quantity you want to order, then click on the trolley.
5.     Repeat this procedure as much as needed.
6.     Once your trolled filled up, please click on the top right of the website, and check your basket.
     If necessary, you can modify the quantities as well as ask for a specific shipping time.
7.     Click on « Quotation request »
8.     Fill in the information so one of our representatives can contact you, then click on « send »

How can I look the 3D blueprints up ?

Several solutions are available :
Look at the download guideline and find the most appropriate solution.
3D blueprint download guideline
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