Union connectors (Range 51)

Union connectors - Range 51

Union connectors are perfectly adapted for use in water treatment, chemical and any other fluid sectors (except for the food and beverage sector) or aggressive environments.

These fittings/connectors are mainly used to connect 2 pipes together and to allow pipes to be unconnected without you having to cut them.

Make sure that you grease the threads of their nuts to avoid seizing and to make sure that your union connector is sealed as well as possible.

We propose 3 types of union connector :

-     316L tapered union connector
: this is composed of two end parts (for welding or female threaded) and a free nut which will give metal on metal sealing when a male cone is pressed into the female cone.

-     Union connector with flat gasket
: this is composed of two end parts (for welding or female threaded), a free nut and a flat gasket .
This connector is sealed by the sealing material used between its parts (you must check the chemical compatibility of the seal with the transported fluid)

-     Cast 316 tapered union connector
: cheaper version of the 316L model with a lower pressure rating.

Our stainless steel union connector range proposes different models (for welding/male threading, female/male threading, etc.) which are specifically dimensioned to connect ISO industrial piping
from DN6 to DN100 , and are available either in 316L stainless steel or in a lower cost version made from cast 316 stainless steel .

You can install these before or after a plug cock or a 2-part valve as union connectors will make it easier for you to clean and carry out maintenance on your network.

Grooved union connectors
can be used to connect piping to "flexible piping/hoses".
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