Series 51 - Unions

Series 51 - Unions

Unions are perfecly appropriate in industrial fields such as water treatment, non dietary fluids, chemicals or corrosive environement.

These couplings are mainly used to connect 2 pipes and allow a potential unpluging without having to cut pipes.

In order to ensure an optimum tightness of unions, please lubricate screw's threading to avoid jamming.

We offer 3 types of unions :

-     Machined unions with conical seat
: composed of two tips (to weld, to thread), a free nut allow a metal/metal tightness by fixing a handle on a male / female pluge.

-     Machined unions with flat seat
: composed of two tips (to weld, to thread), d'un free nut and a flat seat .
It allows to tighten by placing a tightening part ( control the compatibility between the chemicals and the transported fluid)

-     Casted unions with conical seat
: cheaper version of the 3161 model less resistant to pressure.

The set of unions offers a variety of models ( to weld/male, female/male, etc) especially sized to connect ISO industrial pipework
from DN6 to DN100 , only available in stainless steel 316L or the cheaper version as 316 moulded .

It has to be installed before and after a two ways plug cock to make easy the maintenance of the network.

Hose unions with conical seat
are used to link a pipework to a hose
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