SMS connectors and valves for the food and beverage industry

SMS standard - Range 61

The SMS standard (Swedish Metric Standard) is a Swedish standard which covers processes that require a high level of hygiene.
It is generally used in the food and beverage industry sector and complies with CE 1935/2004 regulations.

The products in our SMS range have an internal surface roughness which is lower than 0.8µm to reduce fluid retention inside your food and beverage industry piping .

Here are the different selections of stainless steel products within this product range which comply with the SMS standard :
> SMS connectors
and SMS piping accessories
> SMS butterfly valves
and butterfly valve accessories
> SMS check valves
, SMS diaphragm valves , SMS ball valves , SMS plug cocks
> SMS valve accessories

Please contact our experts to select the most suitable SMS standard products for your food and beverage industry installation.
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