Series 53 - 3000 lbs fittings

Series 53 - 3000 lbs fittings

Fittings from set 3000 has the distinctive characteristic of having a large thickness.

Les raccords à extrémités filetés
par défaut un filetage / taraudage NPT .
The socket welding ends fittings
offers a Socket Welding finish , that allows to insert the pipe into the fitting before proceeding to the weld..

Fittings from set 3000 are pressure resistant until PN 150 .
This high resistance makes theses fittings especially appropriate to fileds transporting under pressure materials or filds like petrochemistry.
This set mainly offers fittings from DN6 to DN50 regulated by the norm ASME B16-11 and are available in material made of stainless steel 304L and 316L .

SAE flange
, that links 2 pipes, regulated by the norm ISO 6162-1 are offered for ISO and metric pipes .
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