Range 3000 connectors (Range 53)

Range 3000 connectors - Range 53

The special feature of the fittings/connectors in our Range 3000 is that they are very thick.

Our fittings/connectors with threaded ends
have NPT female/male threading as standard.
Our fittings/connectors with ends for welding
have a Socket Welding (SW) surface finish, which means that pipes can be inserted into these fittings/connectors before they are welded.

Range 3000 fittings/connectors can withstand pressures up to PN 150.
This high pressure resistance makes these fittings/connectors particularly well adapted for use in sectors which transport pressurised elements or areas such as the petrochemical industry.
Range 3000 fittings/connectors are mainly proposed from DN6 to DN50 and comply with the ASME B16-11 standard. They are available in 304L or 316L stainless steel.

SAE flange
allow you to connect 2 pipes together. These parts comply with the ISO 6162-1 standard and are available for ISO and metric pipes .
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