Product Ranges - Béné Inox

Product Ranges - Béné Inox

We are Béné Inox, the specialist in stainless steel products for building industrial fluid processes.

Piping fittings/connectors and accessories
, valves, valves and accessories , piping, piping supports and pipe holders , as well as measuring instruments , we have a very wide range of stainless steel products.
You can meet all of your design, production and fluid process maintenance requirements by using products from our catalogue.

You can find stainless steel fittings/connectors and valves for industrial, chemical and petroleum
, food and beverage , and pharmaceutical production sectors etc. in our product ranges [ Read more ]
We also propose a wide range of screws, nuts, bolts and fixing elements :

, wood and sheet metal screws, nuts , washers , fixing elements for buildings , locking systems etc.
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