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Measuring instruments

The process fluids specialist Béné Inox proposes a multitude of solutions so that you can measure the pressure, temperature, flow rate and level of your liquid or gaseous fluids.

This range of measuring instruments has been designed to measure and control fluids in a wide variety of applications including: transfer processes, transformation processes and storage, in both testing and specialist machine design applications.

You will find a vast choice of products within this range which can be used for:
> Pressure measurement
: including pressure gauges, transmitters and pressure switches
> Temperature measurement
: such as industrial thermometers, dial thermometers, temperature sensors and thermowells
> Flow rate measurement
: including floating element flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters and vortex flow meters
> Level measurement
: such as different shaped suspended float switches and electric float switches
> We also propose a selection of manifolds
: with 1 to 5 outlets.

You can use our decision-making questionnaire to help you to choose the products which are best adapted to your applications:
>> Product definition questionnaires - BENE INOX

However, please contact us
if you need to discuss any specific measuring instrument requirements.
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