Stainless steel and nylon hose clips

Hose clips

Hose clips are used to maintain two cylindrical elements together with compression forces in sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, chemical industries, automotive manufacturing as well as public works.

Hose clips can be used for applications which need to be frequently assembled and disassembled. They are extremely resistant and are often used to connect rubber hoses and pipes and to ensure that these connections are completely watertight.

Béné Inox's range of hose clips are mainly made from stainless steel :
- W1 refers to white galvanised (zinc-coated) carbon steel
- W4 refers to A2 stainless steel
- W5 refers to A4 stainless steel

However, Béné Inox does also proposes plastic hose clips made from nylon.

You can also buy kits which contain a selection of the same type of clips or kits which can be used to make tailor-made hose clips.
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