Stainless steel coupling and repair collars for piping

Coupling and repair collars - Range 43

Coupling collars allow you to connect low pressure application networks together using bolts and torque tightening (from 5 to 45 bar depending on the models and diameters used).

Repair collars allow you to repair leaks in specific areas which have a maximum width of 100mm on piping up to PN16 and to make sure that leak zones are water-tight without having to disassemble any piping.
Repair collars can be assembled in the same way as coupling collars and can also be used as coupling collars.

This assembly method does not require any welding and is particularly suitable for building sites. It can allow you to correct certain angular or axial alignment defects, diameter differences or even to compensate for vibrations.

The coupling and repair collars in this range are ACS certified (ACS French certification for drinking-water piping sanitary compliance).

Our range contains non-locked coupling collars, axially locked coupling collars (which take on some of the axial forces of the connection) and repair collars.
Coupling and repair collars can be used with ISO piping or ANSI piping from DN50 to DN600.

Please read our technical instruction sheet for more information about how to dimension and build your installation.
>> Technical documentation for designers - Coupling and repair collars

>> Technical documentation for installers - Coupling and repair collars

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