Stainless steel grooved piping connectors

Grooved fittings/connectors - Range 42

Grooved connectors allow you to create networks for low pressure applications by just using bolts (PN10 or PN16, depending on pipe thickness).
This assembly mode, that does not require welding, is particular adapted for use on construction sites.
Our range of grooved connectors is ACS certified (ACS French certification for drinking-water piping sanitary compliance).

Our range contains fittings/connectors (elbows, Ts, reducers, valves etc.) which can be connected between each other using coupling collars for grooved connectors and two other essential accessories: a groover/grooving machine for pipes and ACS plant-based grease for use on coupling collar gaskets.

Grooved connectors can be used with ISO pipes
or ANSI SCH10S pipes from DN50 to DN200 and up to DN300 on request.

Please read our technical instruction sheet for more information about how to dimension and build your installation.
>> Technical documentation for designers - Grooved fittings/connectors

>> Technical documentation for installers - Grooved fittings/connectors
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