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Company profile


Béné Inox, a specialist in stainless steel components for industrial fluid processes,
Tubes, joints, plumbing fixtures, piping accessories, fasteners, supports, chains, cables and fittings,
Products ranging from standard to custom, for any and all business.

Béné Inox will adapt its expertise to your needs.

Our goal: to facilitate, streamline and secure your procurement processes

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Backed by 40 years of research and development in stainless steel products, Béné Inox has the right solution for your needs.

With more than 45,000 products available in stock and the highest quality of technical support materials, we can simplify your search for efficient solutions and facilitate your procurement processes. We continuously expand our expertise, our skill sets and our logistics to keep parts at your disposal that can help you to improve YOUR results.

We accept no comprises in respect of the quality of our products, our solutions and our service.

Our values: high performance expectations for our day-to-day operations, availability to you and adaptability to your needs to guarantee your complete satisfaction on delivery!

communication renforcée

The teams at Béné Inox are dedicated to good exchanges of information through our sales agents on the ground and through the availability of our office-based sales team from 8 am to 6 pm, all year round.

We increase opportunities for personal encounters by participating in many trade fairs in a variety of fields and by means of direct email campaigns providing technical information.

Our commitment is to meet your needs as closely as possible to offer a high quality of service.

Additionally, our ability to deliver to any country makes us a preferred partner for your international projects, with top-notch service provided worldwide.

Expertise technique

Our product purchasing, design and marketing team employs technical specialists in fluid processes and has three workstations equipped with the latest in computer assisted design (CAD) technologies.

Our comprehensive knowledge of industry, including its regulatory and normative constraints enable us to assess your needs and meet your specific requirements (production imperatives, safety standards, constraints associated with operating conditions, and so on).

Our technical support materials, catalogues, website, 3D DVDs and data sheets are all aids that can be used to select the most effi cient technical solution, from design to construction to the maintenance of your processes. Thanks to the thousands of products referenced in our technical guides, all our contact people – in Design, Engineering, New Projects, Boilers & Pipes, Production, Maintenance and Purchasing – speak the same language. Our recommendations make it possible to implement proven, reliable high-performance technical solutions.

Solution industrielles

Reduced costs

Thanks to the diversity of our procurement sources and our broad network of partner manufacturers and subcontractors, we can offer you the widest range of products that combine performance, quality, competitive pricing, availability and traceability.

Controlled turnaround times

Thanks to real-time computerized management, we have perfect knowledge of the actual state of our inventory and therefore of our products’ availability.

Depending on the degree of urgency, we can record, prepare and ship an order for a delivery as soon as the following day.

We notify you when your products are ready. Our transport software guarantees transit times, giving you reliable delivery dates. You can then schedule your work with complete peace of mind!

Simplified receiving

We can print your item reference numbers on the product identifi cation labels to simplify your receiving.


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