Press fitting connectors and pipes

Fittings and crimp tubes

Press fitting connectors are designed to build safe and economical plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) piping networks as well as industrial systems.

Our press fitting range has a number of advantages including its ease of use, as no specific qualifications are required to install this type of connector. Also, the press fitting process does not produce any sparks which makes it a very safe assembly process. Press fitting is also a very reliable assembly method which creates perfectly sealed connections which cannot be disassembled.

You can save time during the assembly of your press fitting fittings/connectors with our selection of press fitting tools and pressing collars

Our press fitting range is certified for use in drinking-water piping as it has French ACS sanitary conformity certification.
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At Béné Inox, we propose M type pressing collars and our sertisseuse provide a minimum force of 32kN. Our press fitting connectors can be used up to 16 bars.

You should choose your gasket material according to the fluid that you need to transport, its temperature and how it is used in your process.

You can consult the technical documentation for our press fitting connector range to help you to choose the right sized parts for designing and building your installations:
>> Technical documentation for designers - Press fitting connectors

>> Technical documentation for installers - Press fitting connectors

To find out more:
>> Please consult our product information: Discover our range of press fitting connectors, pipes and tooling

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>> Watch our video on our YouTube channel about: the press fitting process

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