Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement

BIn this range, Béné Inox proposes a number of key temperature measurement solutions for the industrial and heating sectors. These products can allow you to easily monitor and control the temperature in your industrial equipment.

We propose a wide range of reliable apparatus with different accuracy classes for measuring fluid temperature :
- Industrial thermometers : these are robust, have a level of accuracy in accordance with DIN 16195 and comply with the DIN 16185B/16186B standard
- Dial thermometers : these are available in several models according to your fluid type (liquid, gas, smoke) and have a class 1 accuracy rating
- Digital thermometers : these are very precise as they have a class 0.15 accuracy rating
- Temperature sensors : these sensors have a class A accuracy rating - PT100
- Assembly accessories : these including thermowells and contact grease.

You should choose your temperature measurement equipment according to the temperature range that you need to measure, the type of fluid in your applications and the reactivity that you require for your process.
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We have created a questionnaire for choosing thermowells and temperature sensors to simplify your search for the right temperature measuring equipment for your processes.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts
to select the best temperature measurement equipment for your applications.
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