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CLAMP fittings/connectors

CLAMP fittings/connectors or tri-clamps are stainless steel connectors which are specifically used in the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry sectors.

In our range of CLAMP fittings/connectors , you can find several models of ferrules, clamp collars, gaskets, caps and complete fittings/connectors.
Our range of CLAMP ferrules complies with the following standards: SMS, ISO (ISO 1127) and DIN (DIN 32676).
A complete CLAMP fitting/connector is the assembly of two ferrule ends, a clamp collar and a gasket.
The maximum allowable fitting/connector pressure is defined by the clamp collar.

These CLAMP fittings/connectors limit potential retention zones and are perfect for food and beverage industry installations.
They have an internal surface roughness that is lower than 0.8µm and they comply with CE 1935/2004 regulations.
Our products in this range are made from 304 or 316L stainless steel in dimensions ranging from DN8 to DN104.

We can supply several CLAMP gasket models to make sure that these connectors are fully sealed.
According to your requirements, CLAMP gaskets are available in several materials:
EPDM, FKM, PTFE, Silicon or with a cover (PTFE envelope).

The assembly and disassembly of this type of connector can be carried out without tooling.
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We also propose ASME BPE clamp fittings/connectors in our Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology range.
For more information about our range of CLAMP fittings/connectors , please contact us.
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