Optimize your maintenance with Béné Inox's quick couplings

Quick couplings' installation does not need welding.
Appropriate for frequent assembling and disassembling, the implementation and the maintenance of this kind of fittings is easy and does not necessarily need tools.

1.     Cam locking couplings :
image_Cam locking couplings Béné inox

The cam locking couplings is also called " Camlock couplings ". The male part (adapter) fits directly with the female part (coupling).
The gasket, which is ensuring tightness, is located at the bottom of the coupling. To operate a junction, it is needed to open the levers (or Camlock) and press against the adapter.
The junction is safe when the coupling's levers are closed. The camlocks can be blocked from unexpected openings thanks to the pins.

In case of severe constraints such as vibrations, a safe version is also available : the camlocks must be pulled down to unlock them from opening.

The camlock couplings can be used in many industries, especially on hoses or on petrochemical tanks or in food industries.

The associated products :
-     The stainless steel chain - Model 5505
, allows to connect products/tools to the piping, very efficient for working at height.
-     Gasket for cam locking coupling is proposed in these materials : atières disponibles : EPDM - Model 55193
| FPM - Model 55192 | NBR - Model 55191
-     Gasket for cam locking coupling FEP/FPM : FEP/FPM - Model 55195
| FEP/Silicone - Model 55194

2.     Guillemin symmetrical couplings :
image_Guillemin symmetrical couplings Béné inox

Guillemin couplings are also called « firefighter couplings ».
This coupling proposes a variety of kinds such as ringed end for hoses, threaded (male or female) for a straight screwing on many pieces of equipment.

Two symmetrical couplings can be easily assembled by rotating by a quarter turn once the couplings are face to face.
To make this assembly in safe conditions, a bolt (present on at least one among the two elements) in the form of a ring, makes impossible any form of unassembling.
Thanks to its strong conception, it can be quickly manipulated without any risk of damage.

This junction system is often used in fire-fighting situations. But also in fluid transfer, unloading of cisterns, chemical, and food-processing industries.
Gaskets are assembled on fittings equipped with locks. Fittings without locks are not equipped with gaskets.

The associated products :
-     The Guillemin symmetrical couplings are proposed in these materials : EPDM - Model 5541
| FPM - Model 5541 | NBR - Model 5541 | PTFE - Model 5541

3.     Express couplings :
image_Express couplings Béné inox

The pressure and rotation of the fitting allow making easier its installation.
Joints' compression ensures tightness of the fitting during its assembling.
It has the characteristic feature of always having the same diameter, regardless of the nominal diameter of the junction.
This fitting is often used in civil works (compressed air), watering networks, and low-pressure.

Ce raccord est utilisé dans le BTP (air comprimé), les réseaux d'irrigation et de basse pression.

Associated products :
-     Gasket for express couplings , available models : FKM - Model 5550
| NBR - Model 5550

4.     Tankwagen couplings :
image_Tankwagen couplings Béné inox

CThis coupling is also called " TW coupling " and is appropriate for tankers.
Its conception refrains from dislocating related to vibrations thanks to a locking lever.
The maintenance can be made quickly, thanks to a closing handle, and the tightening can be made by hand.

This coupling is often used in unloading liquids, gas, or powder tanks.

Associated products :
-     Gasket for TW tank truck coupling - Model 5584

5.     Euro Rapid couplings :
image_Euro Rapid couplings Béné inox

This fitting is fit for tough operations. Especially existing in large diameters, it allows large flows and the passage of charged fluids.
The female part of this fitting is composed of many hooks ensuring the assembly and allows tightness with a tore gasket.
The male part is composed of clips.

These couplings are often used in irrigation, spreading, wine, purification industries.

Associated products :
-     Gasket for spherical gasket : EPDM - Model 5578
| NBR - Model 5579

6.     Bauer couplings :
image_Bauer couplings Béné inox

Unlike Euro Rapid couplings, the male part of Bauer couplings is equipped with hooks ensuring the proper assembling and tightness. The female part is equipped with clips and the gasket ensuring the tightness once assembled with the male part.

This coupling is also used in irrigation, spreading, wine, purification industries, and for tough operations.

Associated products :
-     Gasket for Bauer couplings : EPDM - Model 5598
| NBR - Model 5599

Do not forget! The other products :

-     The t-bolts hose clip - Model 72136
can be associated with ringed or flutted fittings.
     This clip is very resistant and fits a large range of diameters (from 17 to 252mm). It allows easier and quicker maintenance.

-     The clamp equipping particular ringed fittings makes possible the assembly of a safety clamp with bolts - Model 5551

     Clamps have a great tightening strength due to their Allen screws.
     Installations involving collars prevent approximative tightening with the collar while adding strength and reliance.

-     The spare parts for maintenance of your quick couplings :

     The complete set including cam, pin and ring (model 5525)

     o     The wrench coupling for symmetrical couplings (model 5543)

-     The hoses, Béné Inox proposes its define your product
questionnaire to help you choose the right hose which fits your process. Associated to quick couplings

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