Our Valve Range contains more than 170 different valve models.

These include many different types of ball valves
, butterfly valves , gate valves as well as other different valve types. This broad selection of valves will allow you to find the solutions that meet your requirements, taking into account the specifications of the environment where you will locate them and the fluid that you need to transport.

You can personalise your process as much as you want to with our associated valve accessories and valve personalisation elements which are also available in this product range.

ATEX 2 part valves

Two pieces ATEX valve - Béné inox

This valve can be used in ATEX II 2 GD zones for the chemical industry . It is suitable for non-abrasive and non-coagulable fluids, as long as the fluids are chemically compatible with the valve parts that they can come into contact with. It has a good quality/price ratio as it is built from 2 parts.
When you use it with PTFE shaft packings, its operating temperature will be between -29°C and +175°C.
You will often need to use this material if you are using the valve in critical applications with, for example, high temperatures or the need for high chemical resistance.

We propose valve diameters from DN8 to DN50.
We propose the following models : model 58303 (BSP)
and the 58305 model (NPT threading)

Two-part valves with pressure hole

Two-pieces valve with a pressure relief hole - béné inox

This model, 58148 (BSP threading)
, is specifically designed to eliminate trapped air from a system (when the valve is closed).
This valve can be assembled onto an installation with press fitting fittings/connectors.

Three-part valves

Three-pieces valve

Three-part valves have end parts that can be disassembled.
This means that their flanges can remain connected to your piping system while you carry out maintenance on the valve's body : this makes maintenance procedures easier and quicker.

You can create several configurations with the following fittings/connectors :
-     Model 58171
- for press fitting and welding (SW)
-     Model 58172
- for butt welding (BW)
-     Model 58163 (BSP)
and model 58165 (NPT) - BSP or NPT female threading

Gate valves

gate valves

The gate valve 58481
is mainly used in water treatment processes. It is ideal for isolating piping sections in piping carrying abrasive fluids.
It can be used to stop or change the flow rate of a fluid. Its operating temperature will depend on the type of gasket that you use with it.

The type of fluid that you want to transport will also change your sealing requirements. We propose the following gasket models :
-     EPDM gasket
(model 58481)
-     NBR gasket
(model 58482)
-     FKM gasket
(model 58483)

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valve

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The main advantage of the butterfly valve - 58429
is that it can be assembled/disassembled quickly and easily.
Its handle contains a trigger so that you can modify how much it opens according to the position you require.
It is made entirely from stainless steel (both the butterfly and body) which makes it very resistant and means that you can install it in most aggressive environments (e.g. environments with chemical products, salt mist etc.).
The operating temperature for an EPDM gasket is between -30°C and +110°C. The valve also complies with the ACS standard (French Certificate of Sanitary Compliance).

Other gasket models are also available :

-     NBR gasket
(model 58422)
-     FKM gasket
(model 58423)
-     Food-grade silicon gasket
(model 58424)

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