Guide to customising valves by using additional components - Béné Inox


This selection of parts can be used with our valve range , to finalise valve customisation for your processes.

Read on to discover the functionalities of the following parts:


Position raisers with ISO mounting plate:

image-iso extended bonnet

The position raiser with ISO mounting plate
(model : 58208) an be used to ensure that a valve's motorisation element is kept away from any sources of heat or cold.
This makes it possible to increase valve reliability as well as the reliability of a valve's motorisation system over time.

The position raiser can also be used to make it easier to access a valve's motorisation.



A handwheel
(model 58136 )can be used with valves which have an ISO mounting plate.

This operating method allows you to avoid any of your valves being opened or closed by accident and thus protects your fluid processes.

3-part valves with positioning sensors :

image-3 Pieces ball valve with o/c position sensing béné inox

This valve 58183D
is fitted with a limit switch box which can either contain inductive sensors or mechanical switches. These make it possible for the valve to communicate a control command so that you know, remotely, whether it is open or closed.

Our limit switch boxes have an aluminium housing (which is more solid than a plastic housing) with IP67 level sealing which means that they can withstand immersion in a liquid.

We also propose the following model variation:
-     ATEX version 458183D-8DX with valve
(model 58183) and limit switch box (model 50831)
-     You can also choose from two sensor choices: inductive (D) or microcontact (M)

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